Strategy for Strengthening the Role of the Agricultural sector in the Bioeconomy, Developed by a Team of the Bulgarian Agricultural Academy is approved


Based on SWOT analysis was made an assessment of the needs of the agricultural sector in support of the bioeconomy, which are reduced to: more innovative, efficient use of resources and competitive production that combines food safety with the sustainable use of renewable resources for industrial purposes ensuring the protection of the environment; mobilizing research and innovation in the agricultural sector stimulating private investment; developing new value chains and stakeholder engagement; need for education and training in the field of bioeconomics to prepare skilled labor for the various sectors of the agricultural sector.
Three strategic goals are set: 
1 - Sustainable management and development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries for sustainable production and provision of renewable resources;
 2 – Complete  usage and development of research activities, of partnerships for exchange and transfer of innovations, of infrastructure for experimental purpouses
3 - Improvement of knowledge and skills.

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